New Crew (Sweater Of Course)

Just in time for Christmas, we've released a brand new crewneck sweater!


When we launched FDN in 2016, a crewneck sweater was on the top of our 'products to release' list and has remained there for the past couple of years.  We developed and launched a limited edition crewneck in 2017, but wanted to refine the design and make it a regular FRÈRE DU NORD option.

Crewneck Sweater Design and Development

Starting in mid-October, we began to design the new crew by taking our original pattern pieces and sewing a few sample sweaters.  After reviewing the look and fit we decided to give our new crewneck a more tailored style.  To achieve the new style, we altered the sleeve to give it a curved shape (vs a traditional straight-arm) and raised the shoulder cap (the seam where the arm meets the shoulder). Once the pattern was updated, we cut, sew, and tested (wore and washed) the new crewneck to make sure that we hadn't missed anything.

Following the testing, a few minor issues were corrected and the crewneck design was finalized.  Our brand-new crewneck is a tailored sweater that is long in the sleeve and body (shorter than our hoodie), and fits nicely through the body.  A new FDN label (located on front left hip) finishes off the sweater!

Crewneck Sweater and Tunic


You can pick-up the new crewneck at our retail store (45 Prince St., Oshawa), or order via email.