Non-Medical Face Mask Production

I'd like to start off by saying thank you so much to all of the people that have reached out to me personally and through social media over the past week. Your support and positive messages mean everything to us, and give us the strength to keep going. 

Considering the recent government recommendation for everyone to wear non-medical face masks while out in public, we have been getting a lot of requests.  Based on these requests, and the fact that we have a couple of employees that are outside of our quarantine, we will do our best to resume the sale of non-medical face masks to the general public starting Saturday, April 11th.

Of course, we are getting more and more requests from local charities and medical suppliers for masks. I want to reassure everyone that we will be giving those orders priority and only open up sale to the general public after we have met our daily donation commitments. This probably means opening and closing sale of masks intermittently. We feel very strongly about giving away as many masks as possible (and as quickly as possible) to vulnerable people in our community and those volunteering every day in providing services to them. 

We are also in daily contact local health authorities and medical suppliers, and are ready to provide support as needed. 

We will continue to make our non-medical masks in the safest way we know how-- with a stringent washing, steaming and packing procedures.  

 On a personal note, it's the second last day of our quarantine (it's been 13 days since we last saw the individual). The affected employees and our families continue to be in good heath, for which I am very thankful. We will continue to work safely and transparently. I will post more in the days to come!