Recycled Pants (Making Use of the Scraps)

We gave our pal Jett a little project... to make a recycled pair of french terry sweatpants. He first had to pick and choose from our bin of scrap cutting pieces and then re-cut them create a jigsaw for a workable piece of fabric.

Jett then had to take the pieces one by one to the flat lock machine and put them together. He did this until he had about 4 pieces that would make up the front and back legs. He would later do the waist band.


Adding in some rib pieces for the sides, Jett got the fit that he was looking for. The hem was finished with a simple coverstitch. And the only things that Jett had to add, that was not recycled, was the drawcord and elastic band in the waistband.

Nice job, Jett.