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At FRÈRE DU NORD we love shorts so much, we created five styles so that every need is covered.

Most of our shorts are inspired by sports, with design differences to accommodate different lengths and leg fits. All of our shorts, however, fit the same way in the waistband. So if you are a medium in one style, you will be a medium in all the others.

The waistband is made of a durable, woven elastic that is 2" wide. All of the shorts come with a drawcord in either natural undyed cotton or black cotton.

All of our shorts look great on all body types, with styling being a matter of preference. Please click through to the product pages to see photos of the shorts on models.

best selling

4-Pocket Shorts

The 4-Pocket Shorts were created based on customer demand for the features of both the Basketball Shorts and the Soccer Shorts combined into one.

The length is in between the two shorts - 1" shorter than the Basketball and 1" longer than the Soccer. It features both the side cell pockets and the front slanted pockets. There is a lot going on here, so these shorts are great for someone that needs and likes to have lots of pocket options.

The 4-Pocket Shorts and Soccer Shorts are both best sellers, so if you are gifting them, both are a great choice.


soccer shorts

The Soccer Shorts are shorter in length than the 4-Pocket Shorts, falling about mid-thigh, and they are slightly narrower in the leg. They feature side cell phone pockets only.

These shorts are our most versatile style, with all body types loving to wear them. If you like shorts that aren't overly long or loose fitting in the leg, the Soccer Shorts provide a nice trim, minimal look.

If you're someone who loves a front pocket (i.e. if your instinct is to try to put your hands in the front pockets as soon as you put a garment on), then you should probably get a pair with slanted front pockets.

relaxed & Long

basketball SHORTS

One of our two original pairs of shorts, the Basketball Shorts are relaxed and long in the leg. They feature slanted front pockets and a rib gusset for ventilation.

These are longer in the leg than the 4-Pocket Shorts, and the same width. They're really for people that love long and relaxed fitting shorts.

Long and Lean

Football Shorts

These shorts were inspired by the pants (American) football players wear. These are narrower in the leg than all of the other styles, and they're also our longest pair, coming to the knee for most people.

The Football Shorts have slanted front pockets and rib side panels -- just like classic football pants. These are great for people that would like to have a long, fitted pair of shorts. If you have very slim legs, these are a great 'slim fit', with a nice length that keeps you covered up. They're very classy looking, specially in Black or Natural.

ultra comfortable

Short Shorts

These were designed to maximize leg exposure, but to still stay super comfortable for the wearer. Like all of our shorts styles, they have a high rise so they can be worn high waisted and look great with our relaxed fitting Cropped Tees or Classic T-Shirts tucked in.

The Short Shorts feature two side pockets that are deep and can fit your cell phone.

If you love short shorts, these will be your new go-to pair. These are a customer favourite and often purchased in multiple colours.

If these are a little too short for your liking, the Soccer Shorts are your next best option.

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