Our custom fabric

Canadian-made French Terry


A scholar's colour, found in the halls of study and thought. A rich, understated combination of red and brown. Made for an evening of round table discussions.

Get ready to turn heads if not opinions.

Available in BUREAU


Our Navy is a dark deep blue that has a metallic hint to it. Felted on the outside and napped on the inside this fabric is incredibly soft and will keep you warm when there is a breeze.

A great colour for the seaside

Available in Navy Blue


A rich green that has an earthy feel. Very nice to the touch with the sueded finish giving it the essance of velvet.

Something to wear when going out to enjoy the countryside.

Available in British Racing Green


Black clothes are synonymous with luxury and professionalism. When our black fabric is put through the sueding process, it creates a velvety finish and knocks back the intensity by a shade. It's a soft, flattering black that is the tuxedo of sweats.

Look the best while wearing sweats.

Available in Black


A warm and pure colour raw cotton is just that. The least processing that you can get when it comes to French Terry. This fabric sometimes even has speckles of cotton leaf in it.

Probably the coziest you will ever feel.

Available in Natural


Heather Grey represents the classic collegiate athletics aesthetic. Combining a vintage look with our modern style lines we are able to create an elevated look that feels athletic and academic.

The most comfortable you will ever be when studying or playing sports.

Our Heather Grey is the only fabric that is a bit different. It comes in the following specification.

French Terry: 95% Cotton 5t% polyester French Terry

Matching Rib: 85% Cotton, 10% polyester, 5% Lycra

Available in Heather Grey